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Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing a website for the crawling and indexing phase of the search engine optimization process. It is a subset of SEO that focuses on the technical aspects of a website, such as the structure of the site, the URL structure, the code, and the site speed.

Technical SEO is important because it helps search engines understand what a website is about and how to index it correctly. In addition, technical SEO can also help to improve a website’s crawlability and accessibility, both of which are important factors in ranking higher in search engine results pages.

While technical SEO can be complex, there are many resources available to help website owners and developers optimize their sites for search engines. By taking advantage of these resources, businesses can improve their chances of appearing in the top search results for their target keywords.

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Why Website Speed Optimization is Important?

A website’s loading speed is important for several reasons. When a website takes too long to load, visitors are likely to get impatient and leave before the page is even finished loading. This not only results in lost traffic but also gives the impression that the website is slow and unreliable.

In addition, search engines take loading speed into account when determining where to rank a website in search results. As a result, websites that load slowly are likely to be penalized with lower rankings. Finally, fast-loading websites provide a better user experience, which can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

In today’s competitive marketplace, website speed optimization is essential for any business that wants to succeed online. By taking steps to improve loading speed, businesses can ensure that their website is visible to potential customers and able to generate leads and sales.

What is Algorithmic hit recovery?

Algorithmic Hit or Google SEO Penalty is when you are found by Google Bot as spammy or black hat link-building, on-page, and technical SEO activities and the result of this can be a penalty for your website or blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

The common technical SEO metrics are website speed optimization, google search console setup and analytics.

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Technical SEO as the name suggests technical aspects of a website. Technical SEO includes optimization of website speed, google search console and analytics setup, security fixes, CMS optimization, etc.

On the other hand, On-Site SEO covers the overall website content structure (Silo or Blog Roll). Onsite SEO also includes interlinking which is also the most important part of overall SEO campaign.

Schema Markup is a code that you can add to your website to help search engines understand your site better. traditionally, search engines have relied on “keywords” to try to identify what a website is about. However, this can be difficult, because often keywords are ambiguous or misleading.

For example, if you have a website about cars, the keyword “car” could refer to the vehicle itself, the manufacturing process, the history of the car, or anything else related to cars. Schema Markup provides a more specific way for search engines to identify what your website is about.

By adding code to your site that indicates the specific meaning of each piece of information, you can help ensure that your site appears in relevant search results.

In addition, Schema Markup can also help improve click-through rates by providing more information about your site before users even click on the result. As a result, Schema Markup is a powerful tool that can help improve both your site’s visibility and its performance in search results.

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